[neuroConstruct] Problem generating cells?

P Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Nov 1 18:31:09 GMT 2011


The issue with that file is that there are just cells in there, i.e. 
<neuroml><cells><cell ...><cell ...></cells></neuroml>. These are 
imported fine into neuroConstruct, but what you have then is a project 
with cells & no cell groups so the default network can't be generated.

You could add cell groups manually but ideally what you want is info on 
populations (& potentially projections) in the neuroml file, which 
reference these cells. These will be used for the cell groups & the 
instances of positions are used, so you're basically at the point of 
having generated the network at that stage, so you can visualise the 
full network.

One point about visualisations though, as your cells are small, you 
might want ot use smaller than the default region size (1um cubed) to be 
able to view them in 3d...


On 31/10/11 18:40, Stephen Larson wrote:
> Hello,
>     We're importing this NeuroML into Neuroconstruct and asking it to 
> "generate cell positions" and it seems that NeuroConstruct is just 
> hanging.  There doesn't seem to be any meaningful console output. 
>  This is using version 1.5.1.  Any suggestions?  The NeuroML is valid 
> per the NeuroML validator online.
> Thanks,
>  Stephen
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