[neuroConstruct] channel units bug in exporting a single neuroml file

Aditya Gilra aditya_gilra at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 12:13:17 GMT 2011

Do we have a web interface for bug reports or should I mail to this list?

Am using neuroconstruct 1.5.1.
I exported a single/unified neuroml file for say the granulecell in the example models,
i.e. export->neuroml-> select 'level 3' and tick 'generate single neuroml level 3 file' and then click 'generate all neuroml scripts'.
Now this creates an nml file with <channels units="SI Units"> tag amongst other tags. However, some of the channels continue to have physiological units. There is no overriding units attribute in their <channel_type> tags either. An example is the Gran_KA_98 channel. Of course this problem does not occur if multiple xml files for each channel, cell, network are created, since each channel has its own units.
Let me know when you fix this (after you've verified this is a bug.) (I suppose Padraig will be following up?)

Aditya Gilra.
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