[neuroConstruct] neuroConstruct v1.6.0

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Aug 29 12:04:24 BST 2012


The latest version of neuroConstruct, v1.6.0 has been released: 

This is a minor release (see www.neuroconstruct.org/RELEASE_NOTES for 
more details).


* Improved 3D visualisation of cells and networks when segments are 
located more than a few hundred microns away from the origin. Now 3D 
view centres on middle of visible cells. Origin is only included if 
"Show 3D axes" option is selected. Also removed annoying clipping of 
back of 3D view when zooming out.

* Added option to save cells in project in pure NeuroML v1.8.1 format in 
morphologies folder. Now all channels, synapses & cells in a project can 
be stored natively in NeuroML. Also facilitates comparing versions of 
morphology files across commits.

* Improvements to NeuroML 2 cell export in line with the developing 
specification at: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/neuroml/browser/NeuroML2.

You can also get the full neuroConstruct source code from our Subversion 
repository. Further info on this is here: 


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