[neuroConstruct] EXTENDED DEADLINE: Workshop on Multi-Scale Modeling in Computational Neuroscience

Christoph Metzner metzner at rob.uni-luebeck.de
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*Call for Registration/ Extended Deadline*

*Multi-scale* *Modeling* *in* *Computational* *Neuroscience*

*September 3* *-* *8*, 2012, University of Lübeck, Lübeck Germany

Application Deadline has been extended to August 22nd!

This is the final call for registration for a weeklong workshop in Luebeck
Germany focused on the development and use of multi-scale realistic models
in computational neuroscience.

The workshop will be a hands-on exploration of neuronal models at multiple
levels of scale.  The workshop is particularly appropriate for anyone
already working with a model who would like to connect that model to
representations at other levels of scale.  The workshop is also relevant to
software developers interested in integrating new model analysis and
visualization tools into neuronal simulators.  While participants can use
the simulator of their choosing, the workshop will introduce GENESIS 3
(G-3), a modular reimplementation of the GENESIS neural simulator that has
capabilities uniquely suited for multi-scale modeling.

The international faculty includes:

*Dr.* *James* *M.* *Bower* (University of Texas System) who has been
involved in the development of software tools for multi-scale modeling for
30 years.

*Dr.* *David* *Beeman* (University of Colorado) who has supported
multi-scale modeling both as an instructor in numerous international courses
 in computational biology as well as in his role as director of the GENESIS
users group.

*Dr.* *Avrama* *Blackwell* (George Mason University) whose modeling and
experimental expertise involves the investigation of molecular synaptic

*Dr.* *Hugo* *Cornelis* (Lead GENESIS developer) with expertise both in the
design and construction of multi-scale simulation systems as well as
modeling at single cell and network levels.

*Dr.* *Volker* *Steuber* (University of Hertfordshire) with expertise in
biochemical, single cell, network and systems level modeling and analysis.

*Mr.* *Armando* *Rodriguez* (University of Texas San Antonio) an expert in
interface design and interoperability in simulations systems.

*Application Deadline has been extended to August 22nd! *

Applications and inquiries should be sent to:
gen3 at gradschool.uni-luebeck.de<gen3 at gradschool.uni-luebeck.de?subject=Application%20for%20the%20Multi-scale%20modeling%20Workshop>

Please see the website at:


for the latest information.

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