[neuroConstruct] screencast of neuroConstruct simulation play

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Dec 14 16:24:50 GMT 2007


Unfortunately I'm not familiar with a good screen capture tool under 
Linux to use to generate movies. There is one for windows at 
www.fraps.com, which will generate a large avi from just the 3D panel as 
you're playing a simulation back (the file can be recompressed later). 
Unfortunately the free version puts the web link at the top of the 
movie, but that could be trimmed with other editing software. If anyone 
finds a good package for doing similar under Linux, let me know..

Ideally, the movie generating functionality should be built in to 
neuroConstruct, and is likely to be possible with the Java Media 
Framework, although replaying large data sets and capturing video might 
be a strain on most systems. This is on the todo list for us and will 
hopefully be in a new release in ~Feb.


Nicolas Debeissat wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently tried to record a simulation play in a video file and I 
> didn't succeed. It stays stuck on the first screenshot.
> I am on linux, I tried :
>     - xvidcap
>     - wink
> I removed the DRI support in xorg server.
> But I still don't have my video working.
> When I pass the mouse pointer in front of the animation, it refreshes 
> the image where the mouse pointer passes, so I have the impression that 
> the application doesn't know that the screen is being changed !!
> Has anybody succeeded in recording a simulation ?
> Thanks for the work on neuroConstruct.
> Regards
> Nicolas Debeissat
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