[neuroConstruct] screencast of neuroConstruct simulation play

Nicolas Debeissat Nicolas.Debeissat at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Dec 13 16:21:29 GMT 2007


I recently tried to record a simulation play in a video file and I 
didn't succeed. It stays stuck on the first screenshot.
I am on linux, I tried :
    - xvidcap
    - wink
I removed the DRI support in xorg server.
But I still don't have my video working.
When I pass the mouse pointer in front of the animation, it refreshes 
the image where the mouse pointer passes, so I have the impression that 
the application doesn't know that the screen is being changed !!

Has anybody succeeded in recording a simulation ?

Thanks for the work on neuroConstruct.

Nicolas Debeissat

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