[neuroConstruct] Build instructions?

P Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Sep 28 13:47:35 BST 2011


There were some changes made recently in the structure of the NeuroML 
2/LEMS included jar files which meant that these (in the NeuroML2 
directly) had to be compiled separately in that folder using ant, before 
nC could be built.

I've committed a fix for this which will compile everything needed when 
ant is run in the top level directory of neuroConstruct. You should 
update nC and associated code from the Subversion repository (using 
updatenC.sh/updatenC.bat, details on download page) and try ant again.

The install instructions mentioned below refer to recompiling the 
installed code using ant, or using nC.bat -make or ./nC.sh -make, both 
of which options should work now and compile the NeuroML2 jar file if 
it's missing.

This fix isn't in the installer based downloads or zip file release, but 
those already contain compiled binaries. I'll make a new relase with the 
fix in a week or two.


On 20/09/11 02:53, Stephen Larson wrote:
> Hi,
>    Long time fan of this project. Recently checked out the source and 
> have been trying to build.  I believe that there were once build 
> instructions up at:
> http://www.neuroconstruct.org/docs/install.html#Building+and+running
>    But currently there are only installation instructions there.  Any 
> new pointers?
>    I tried running ant on what I got out of the trunk but there were 
> several missing dependencies so I'd like to see what steps I may be 
> missing.
> Thanks,
>   Stephen
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