[neuroConstruct] neuroConstruct version 1.5.0 with initial support for NeuroML v2alpha & LEMS

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Mar 28 18:26:45 BST 2011


A new release of neuroConstruct, v1.5.0 is available here: 

The full details of changes in this release are here: 

The main change in this release is the initial support for NeuroML 
v2alpha & LEMS.  Morphologies can be exported to NeuroML v2 format, and 
some simple (e.g. HH Na & K) ChannelML files can be translated to the 
equivalent entities in NeuroML v2alpha. Networks files can be generated 
with simple <population> elements, and the temporary 
<explicitConnection> and <explicitInput> elements. The NeuroML 2/LEMS 
code which is being developed on the NeuroML SVN rep (see 
http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/neuroml/browser/DemoVer2.0/lems) is 
included in this release. This can be automatically updated when using 
nC from the SVN repository by running updatenC.sh/updatenC.bat.

Some simple models in NeuroML 2 can now be run through nC using the LEMS 
interpreter. Note the LEMS interpreter does not yet support 
multicompartmental cells. Try Ex4_HHCells for a network of 2 HH cells
with a simple synapse. Results of a successful simulation on the LEMS 
interpreter should be listed in the Simulation Browser & can be 
reloaded/replayed in the usual way.

There are many more possibilities which will over time be enabled 
through NML2/LEMS support: export to any format supported by the LEMS 
interpreter (NEURON, SBML, Brian, CellML, Matlab & NineML are in the 
pipeline); support for any generic dynamical model that can be expressed 
as a LEMS ComponentType; support for SBML components in simulations; 
support for multicompartmental NML2 cells if a simulator can natively 
read the morphology file (planned for NEURON).


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