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P Gleeson ucgbpgl at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 5 09:28:23 BST 2010

  Hi Marianne,

(replying also on neuroconstruct at ucl.ac.uk 
<mailto:neuroconstruct at ucl.ac.uk>, hope you don't mind)

I've only tried neuroConstruct a few times on Vista (moved swiftly on to 
Win7...) and didn't have this problem, and haven't heard of it from 
anyone else. Have you tried nC successfully on any other version of 
Windows? What's your hardware/graphics card? It is probably a problem 
between the Java3D library (the latest version is bundled with nC) and 
your graphics card. It would be difficult to reproduce the problem here 

Have a look here: http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5237435. 
You could try upgrading to the latest version of Java, and also try 
adding the flag -Dj3d.rend=d3d in nC.bat (near the end, just after java 
-Xmx%NC_MAX_MEMORY%), and running that from the command line.


> Hello,
> I have NeuroConstruct 1.4.0 on my Windows Vista laptop. I run into a
> problem displaying the graphics though - the graph is displayed outside of
> the NeuroConstruct window and interferes with screen updating of
> NeuroConstruct and all my other applications.
> Steps I take:
> 1. Open NeuroConstruct
> 2. File>  Load Detailed Model>  ...DentateGyrus.ncx
> 3. Click the Visualization Tab
> 4. Change the view to 'Granulecell (Cell)' [or any of them]
> 5. Click the 'View' button
> 6. Move the mouse (previously hovering over the View button) so that it
> hovers over the graphic area.
> Errant Result:
> The graphic is offset to the left and top of the window where it should be
> if my mouse is ever allowed to hover over the graphic area. It
> 'overwrites' the screen there, making it all white where the
> NeuroConstruct menus and window title should be. My other open
> applications are also affected. A picture is attached. This happens with
> any other model that I have tried to open on this computer, as well. How
> can I avoid this issue?
> Thanks,
> Marianne Case
> UCI: Anatomy&  Neurobiology

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