[neuroConstruct] Re: neuroConstruct problem

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Feb 12 16:42:33 GMT 2010

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for pointing out those issues, see below:

On 08/02/2010 11:46, b.graham at cs.stir.ac.uk wrote:
> Hi Padraig,
> I am getting the following when running generated HOC scripts
> from neuroConstruct under Windows XP:
> nrniv: could not popen the command: date +%x,%X:%N
>   in
> C:/Progra~1/neuroConstruct_1.3.6/nCexamples/Ex1_Simple/generatedNEURON/Ex1_Simple.hoc
> near line 242
>   {system("date +%x,%X:%N", date)}
>                                   ^
> system("date +%x,%X:%N"""        , )
> A previous release note says you removed these system calls for Windows,
> but apparently not all??

The 'date' command is used only to print some extra info on start/stop 
time of the NEURON simulation. It's only available though if Cygwin is 
installed locally (as opposed to just the dll that comes with NEURON). 
I've added a check for the directory c:\cygwin or c:\Program 
Files\cygwin, and only use the data system call if one of these are found.

This bugfix and some other minor updates are in a new release v1.3.7 on 
the website.

> Also, I am getting lots of Java "Uncaught Exceptions" at times and
> things (like visualisation) stop working. Trying another model or
> restarting fixes it, and does not seem to be specific to any particular
> example model so far... So, not fatal but annoying.

This may be due to your machine running out of memory. The memory set 
aside for the JVM can be changed to suit your machine (by updating 
nC.bat or nC.sh) as outlined at:


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