[neuroConstruct] New neuroConstruct version 1.2.2

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Jan 22 16:58:12 GMT 2009


The latest release of neuroConstruct (1.2.2) is available from 

This release has a few minor optimisation and bug fixes. Some other changes:

-  The main examples have been restructured into 2 new directories: nCexamples for non anatomical examples used to illustrate core nC functionality; 
   nCmodels for more biologically realistic examples, mainly based on published models. 
   Added a Pyramidal cell model from Kole et al 2008/Rothman et al 2009.

-  Added a preliminary mapping to PSICS. To use the PSICS functionality you will need to get a copy of the jar file from the PSICS website, 
   save it locally and set the location in Settings -> General Properties and Project Defaults. The included example nCexamples\Ex7_PSICSDemo 
   illustrates current functionality which is quite limited at the moment.

-  Added option for Morphology based Network connections: "Direct recurrent connections not allowed" for connections within a cell group, so that 
   if cell A is connected to B, B won't form a connection back to A. Useful for electrical synapses (a ChannelML template for gap junctions is included #
   in this release too). Added option to have weights of syn connections function of radial distance between source & target.  

Full release notes are at: http://www.physiol.ucl.ac.uk/research/silver_a/nCinfo/RELEASE_NOTES. Note that this version of the application includes source under GPL.


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