[neuroConstruct] neuroConstruct tips

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 14 15:30:00 BST 2008


A few quick points from your recent mails Simon, which I thought I'd cc 
to the neuroConstruct mailing list:

If you go to Settings -> Project Properties and change from Serialised 
to Java XML for save format, the morphologies will be saved in a text 
based xml file (not part of NeuroML), and so can be tweaked in a text 
editor. If you want to change the name of group (or network connection 
name, etc.), do a search and replace on all instances of the group name 
in the XML morphology file. Back up the project files before editing 
these though.

If you save a project unintentionally and want to go back to the 
previously saved version of the morphologies (or if the program crashes 
and the morphology files are messed up/have zero length) you can use the 
*.bak files in the morphologies folder. Rename these without the .bak 
extension, replacing the existing morphology files and they will be used 
as the morphology files when you reopen the project.

When a generated NEURON (or GENESIS) simulation won't run (the shell 
window flashes up but closes straight after), the best thing to do is 
open a new command line terminal, cd to the generatedNEURON directory of 
the project, and run NEURON manually, giving it the main hoc file name. 
Then the simulation will probably crash again, but you'll be able to see 
the error messages.


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