[neuroConstruct] NeuroML v1.7 release, requirements for v2.0 and NeuroML workshop

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Dec 13 14:38:49 GMT 2007


A new release of NeuroML has just been put live at:

Details of the updates are at:
but in short:

Minor updates to some of the schemas to incorporate special cases I've 
come across in some published models (Traub et al 2003, L2/3 cell), but 
the main addition is a list of possible requirements/changes for NeuroML 
v2.0. Most of these are rearranging some elements for greater 
consistency or brevity, but many could invalidate v1.x files. One major 
update would be to allow variability within populations in a network. We 
can discuss these over the next month, but if anyone has any other 
suggestions for major changes please let 
neuroml-technology at lists.sourceforge.net know. Incorporation of SBML 
like interactions might lead to some major changes in the structure of 
ChannelML, this will become clearer over the next few months. A beta of 
MOOSE in Jan will hopefully be informative...

Some of the minor updates go hand in hand with updates of the files for 
NEURON v6.1 import/export to NeuroML found at:

Also in v1.7 is an initial version of a maping for MorphML and NetworkML 
to X3D (XML based follow up to the Virtual Reality Modeling Language 
(VRML)). There are some obvious shortcomings, but you should be able to 
put any compliant NeuroML Layer 1/2/3 cell morphology or NetworkML file 
into the application and generate a 3D view (with an X3D viewer locally 

Unfortunately I've not got around to making any of the changes to 
synaptic mechanisms suggested recently, that's next on the cards...

There are also plans taking shape for a 1 day workshop at the CNS 
meeting in July in Portland which would consist of a morning 
tutorial/introduction to neuroConstruct, and an afternoon session on 
NeuroML (introduction/plans for the future/models in this format). If 
anyone is interested in knowing more, or has any ideas for it please let 
Sharon and me know.


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