[neuroConstruct] New version of neuroConstruct

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Aug 24 10:44:30 BST 2007


A new version of neuroConstruct (v1.0.4.1) has been put on the website. 
The full release notes are available here:

Some of the main changes since v1.0.1 in brief:

* Updated to NeuroML v1.6. Main change is addition of <status> element 
in ChannelML, which can be read by nC when validating projects.

* Improved importation of SWC/Cvapp files.

* Added changable values for max and min electrotonic length. Added 
possibility to remesh morphology (imported from Neurolucida/Cvapp etc.)  
to ensure correct number of internal simulation points/divisions in 
sections (nseg).

* Added phase plane plots (dV/dt versus V).

* Updated import of NeuroML morphologies, to ease NEURON ModelView 
exported files. See
http://neuroml.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/neuroml/nrn2NeuroML to export 
cells from NEURON in NeuroML Level 1 & 2 format.


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